New Photoshoots

Awesome update for you guys. I came across some brand new photos of Serinda’s Ocean Drive shoot she did early last year. The new photos are amazing. I also added some new photos of her modeling for her friend’s new line. She looks absolutely amazing in all these photos so be sure to check them out.

2016 Oscar Salute Event

Hey guys. I know there hasnt been much on Serinda since the news of Graceland being canceled but she is still making appearances out and about every now and then. Back in February she attended the Academy Awards Screening and After Party and I have added the photos to the gallery. So check those out.

Appearances Update

Hey guys. So I finally got around to adding Serinda’s missing appearances. With work and everything I have been so busy. But they are added and she looks amazing in all the shots. So check them out in the gallery.

Serinda Swan And Her Dog Buddha [STARS & THEIR PETS EXCLUSIVE]

Serinda Swan And Her Dog Buddha [STARS & THEIR PETS EXCLUSIVE]

HNGN.COM – Actress and human-rights activist Serinda Swan searched high and low for the perfect pet – and now Buddha will always be her “gigantic ball of love.”

Actress Serinda Swan worships Buddha – her gorgeous French bulldog who shares the same name with the religious icon!

The Canadian beauty was born to be an actress as her thespian father Scott Swan runs the Seacoast Theatre Centre in West Vancouver, British Columbia, and is also the head teacher at its accompanying acting school, Seacoast Studios. In fact, Swan made her silver screen debut when she was just 3 years old in the 1989 Ted Danson/Isabella Rossellini romantic comedy “Cousins.”

She pushed acting aside for a bit, though, to pursue competitive gymnastics. Luckily for fans, she was drawn back into showbiz and has been steadily acting on TV and in feature films.

Swan had minor roles in series like “Psych,” “Smallville,” “Supernatural” and “Hawaii Five-O” before landing the part of Erica Reed on A&E’s “Breakout Kings” in 2011. In 2013, she began a three-season stint on the USA Network drama “Graceland” where she portrayed DEA agent Paige Arkin. Unfortunately, the show was canceled in October and will not be returning.

On the big screen, Swan was seen in films like “The Break-Up Artist,” “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” (as Aphrodite) and “Tron: Legacy.” Next up, she appears alongside William Levy and William Moseley in “The Veil.”

The 31-year-old is also a dedicated human-rights activist. She is the founding ambassador of Friends to Mankind, a nonprofit that does work for the betterment of humanity. “We do this by bringing people together on a common platform, fuelling them with the support and resources needed to find more and more ways to bring this world to a whole state. We are working towards achieving a global transformation in a peaceful and organic way based on respect and friendship,” explained the organization on its website. One of Swan’s main goals with Friends to Mankind is to help victims of sex-trafficking.

When not acting or fighting for human rights, Swan can be found at home with her best friend Buddha. Read Headlines & Global News’ exclusive interview to learn all about her celebrity pet.

How did Buddha come into your life?
Buddha wasn’t the easiest little guy to get. After doing a lot of research on Frenchies, I found an amazing breeder in Kentucky [Bluegrass Frenchies]. I went on the site and saw a picture of his parents and it said, “Expecting.” I just had this feeling that [the right dog] was in this litter. So I put my deposit down and waited. Once [the puppies] were born, they sent pictures every couple of days, and I knew who he was the minute I saw him. The problem was, I had second pick. So I had to wait until the other lady made her choice first. I found out that she was deciding between him and another one. I was dying! Eventually, after a week, the call came that she liked the color of the other one better. In the week, Buddha changed two shades darker, and she wanted a cream dog, which I think was his way of making sure he came home with me. So I flew to Kentucky the next week and picked him up. The rest is history!

Does he have any of your personality traits?
He’s stubborn, hilarious, a bit of a trickster, but mainly just a gigantic ball of love. I hope I have some of his personality!

What are some of Buddha’s favorite things?
Morning cuddles. The big workout balls. Balloons, which we found out on the set of “Graceland.” It was one of the hair and makeup girl’s birthdays and there were balloons all over the trailer. When he saw them, he went crazy and popped them all. We were laughing so hard we were crying.

What do you really like about his breed, the French bulldog?
How balanced they are. One minute, he is running around having the best time, the next just quietly lying beside me as I work.

Does he demand much of your attention?
Not too much. But when he wants it, he wants it, and he’ll do whatever he can to get it. He has three moves: 1. He gives me sad eyes. He’ll put his head all the way down and then just look at me with his eyes, giving that typical sad dog face; 2. He makes the craziest little whine sound, like almost a cat meowing, and doesn’t stop until I acknowledge him; 3. His final go to move, if none of the others have worked, he will, literally, walk over to me, come under my chair or wherever I am, and fart and then walk away. It’s horrific, but hilarious, and it does get me out of my chair!

What have you learned from having Buddha in your life?
Extreme love, patience and putting something else first in my life – no matter what’s happening.

What does he really mean to you?
He’s my best friend. I know it sounds crazy or kind of a cliché, but he really is. He is the epitome of unconditional love, and I can’t thank him enough for opening my eyes to that.

‘Graceland’ Cancelled by USA Network After Three Seasons

CELEBCAFE.ORG – USA Network’s Graceland will not be returning for a fourth season, the network confirmed Thursday.

Created by Jeff Eastin, Graceland follows Mike Warren, a rookie Federal Bureau of Investigation agent who is assigned to join a team of agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, DEA and Customs living together undercover and under one roof in a California beach house known as “Graceland”.

The show starred Daniel Sunjata, Aaron Tveit, Serinda Swan, Manny Montana, Vanessa Ferlito, and Brandon Jay McLaren. The September 17 finale drew 913,000 viewers and a 0.33 rating in the adults 18-49 demo.

Coming up on USA’s drama slate is the Legendary TV and Universal Cable Productions series “Colony” from Carlton Cuse, and “Queen of the South,” which is a produced by Fox 21 and UCP. It recently ordered four drama pilots, all from UCP: Shooter, Paradise Pictures, Brooklyn Animal Control and Falling Water.

“Graceland” wrapped up its 13-episode third season on September 17.

Graceland – “No Old Tigers” Recap

Graceland – “No Old Tigers” Recap

With Martuun in prison and the gang war over, Briggs writes up a version of events that will tie up all the loose ends in one big bow that takes himself off the hook. But while the pragmatic Agent Logan is willing to put his personal feelings for Briggs aside and take the win, Mike’s nagging conscience won’t allow him to turn away from the truth, not with so many lives lost and Gusti waiting to take the fall for the Sarin.

Elsewhere, Jakes tries to keep reality at arm’s length as he continues to fall hard for Courtney, but Johnny warns him that their relationship can’t be built on a lie. And when Mike refuses to sign off on Briggs’s report, his call for accountability will put the entire house on edge and force Jakes to make a choice between the life he wants and the life he has.

Meanwhile, Briggs hunts for the one person who can bring his house of cards tumbling down – Ari. The question is, once Briggs finds him, what does he plan on doing with him? Briggs has no intention of going to jail, but then neither does Ari, and with Soto Street still looking to even the score, someone will end up with blood on their hands…

Graceland – “Dog Catches Car” Recap

Graceland – “Dog Catches Car” Recap

Is Soto Street about to unleash a poisonous Sarin cloud on the Sarkissians? Mike sure thinks so, and he calls in the cavalry as he and Paige speed towards Tevan’s funeral hoping to avert disaster. Meanwhile, Johnny must keep his calm in a hail of gunfire as the Soto execution squad converges on the funeral home. It’s only thanks to his quick thinking and the late arrival of the FBI that they manage to avoid an all-out bloodbath. But Mike’s hunch about the Sarin soon proves incorrect, and frustration begins to mount when Briggs jumps in his car and speeds off to leave them without answers yet again.

Across the country, DLJ Trust takes their first deposit from Germaine’s largest client. With the money launderer’s network all but in Jakes’s control, the ATF gives Charlie the go ahead to take down Germaine. But while it’s been a long road for Charlie, finally getting her man may not bring the peace of mind she had hoped for.

At the same time, Jakes’s promise to skim money for Briggs leads to a speed bump in his newly flowering romance.

Back home, Johnny and Paige confront Briggs about the secrets he’s been keeping, and their frustration soon leads to an act of violence. But it’s Mike who has kept one step behind Briggs, and he soon learns that everything – the Sarkissian case, Colby’s death, Soto Street, Madison and Gusti, the Sarin – has been a precursor to one final devastating act. The question is, can Mike stop it before it is too late?

Graceland – “The Wires” Recap

Graceland – “The Wires” Recap

Johnny wakes on the locker room floor to see the kind eyes of Theresa Arabuena, Javier’s mother and the true head of Soto Street, watching over him. It turns out that his beating at the hands of Javier and his cronies was an initiation – Johnny is officially a member of Soto Street now. But while Theresa can be affectionate to all of her surrogate sons, she rules the gang with an iron fist.

At the same time, Tevan Adamian finally succumbs to his illness, putting Martuun Sarkissian in a sentimental mood. When Briggs warns that escalating tensions with Soto Street may make Tevan’s funeral a target, Martuun brokers a treaty with Theresa Arabuena. However, peace doesn’t seem to fit into Briggs’s plans.

Elsewhere, Charlie and Jakes kick the next phase of their plan into high gear, setting up a fake bank in order to lure Germaine’s customer network away. With the bait in place, all that is left is for Jakes spring the trap, but stealing Germaine’s top client out from under his nose won’t be easy.

Meanwhile, Mike tries to piece together Briggs’s manipulations, but the master plan remains elusive. However, when Johnny reveals his growing suspicion that Briggs has a hand in stirring up tensions between Soto Street and the Sarkissians, the big picture starts to come into focus, and Mike begins to worry that Briggs may be pushing events towards a disaster of epic proportions…

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